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The Toughbook 20 is rugged … and more solid than ever

Toughbook 20 Gets a Refresh

Today, Panasonic launched the latest version of its Toughbook 20, the industry’s first fully rugged 2-in-1 notebook/tablet.

The update includes the latest Intel Core i5–7Y57 processors with clock rates up to 3.3GHz and Turbo Boost. All models come standard with a 256GB SSD, which can be optionally expanded to 512GB. The detachable 2-in-1 weighs just 3.9 lbs, svelte for a system this well armored.

The system comes standard with Windows 10 Pro, although Panasonic will continue to offer Windows 7 Professional as an option on models with Intel Core m5–6Y57 processors for customers who have yet to transition to Windows 10 and want to ensure the new systems’ compatibility with existing deployments. Thus, customers can undertake a smooth transition to Windows 10 at their own pace.

Being away from a power source for an extended period of time pretty much comes with the territory for many Toughbook customers. Field work is often mobile, and by definition mobility means no electrical outlet handy — particularly if you’re a soldier on the battlefield or a marine biologist doing a study of penguins on a beach. For these workers and others like them, adequate battery life is more than a convenience. It speaks to the core of what they do.

And if one 10-hour battery is good, two is twice as good. A bridge battery enables hot swap between the main battery and the spare. In fact, two is more than twice as good, since, with an optional external charger, the user can swap them back and forth until the sun implodes. Well, maybe not quite that long.

In its latest incarnation, the Toughbook 20 makes several formerly premium features standard, among them stylus input (for signature capture).

The unit’s 800-nit 10.1" WUXGA sunlight-viewable display has a digitizer integrated right in, and optional multitouch responds to even gloved fingers.

With one hand, the user can detach the magnesium alloy chassis, grab the tablet, and go. The built-in handle also serves as a kickstand for support.

When it comes to rugged, the Toughbook 20 is head of the class. It’s one thing to claim that products meet MIL-STD-810G and IP65 certifications. Panasonic delivers the goods on ruggedness. Rather than settling for a passing grade on some specification requirements, the company makes sure they’re passed rigorously. For example, a claim of passing water ingress, shock, and vibration might be true but only narrowly so. Another firm might run these tests in sequence, each on a fresh machine. Panasonic runs them all at once on the same machine, pushing its systems past their limits so its customers don’t have to discover them.

The Toughbook 20 has plenty of ports and expansion options. The tablet has USB (a 2nd USB is optional), HDMI, Ethernet, optional serial, and audio in and out ports as well as micro-SIM and MicroSDXC slots. In addition, the keyboard dock gives three more USB ports, SDXC, HDMI, VGA, Ethernet, and serial ports, and docking connector. Wireless features include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, optional 4G LTE, and optional GPS.

Optical features include an infrared Web cam, support for Windows Hello (face recognition-based log in), and an 8 megapixel rear-facing camera. One feature much-requested by law enforcement officers is the optional magnetic strip reader, which lets them read drivers licenses quickly in the field, enhancing both speed and safety.

Out of the box, the Toughbook 20 can connect, via eSIM technology, with Panasonic’s P.180 connectivity service — which gives access to top-tier LTE connectivity through networks spanning more than 180 countries with pricing predictability and no roaming fees. This type of seamless connectivity lets organizations get work done efficiently.

The Toughbook 20 comes standard with a 3-year limited warranty and is available from Panasonic resellers starting at $3,099

Designed for mobile workers in the most demanding industries, the Toughbook 20 offers customer a fully rugged laptop that delivers increased performance and functionality in a flexible, durable package. Today’s update brings to this popular model, among other enhancements, a refreshed processor, better battery life, improved reliability, a touchscreen with integrated digitizer, and enhanced connectivity features.

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