Our kids are up and out now. It was a great experience. Both are doing fine. We started late. I was 43 and she was 40 when we had our first, the second, three years later. She wanted them. I was meh. But I got into it. Thing is, it's such a big sacrifice and so life changing, and there are so many children in the world, many of whom are not loved and taken care of. If you have any doubts at all, skip it. Some of those reason for, like elder care, you can't really count on anyway. Your own children could be as indifferent as the wind. Do it if you're sure. It's a 20-year commitment with residual clauses. The first 10 are really on duty. The second 10 are less hands on, but the scope of worry is wider. I can say, at this point, we're all friends, which is the most you can hope for.

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